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It takes just a few minutes to request an assessment.  The first step is to create a free profile!

This will give you access to our private credit portal and you will fill out just three short forms.  Once you request an assessment, one of our credit coaches will contact you within 48 hours.

"Each One Helps One"
Each One Helps One
The Pay it Forward program is the genesis of our core philosophy. “If you help people get what they want, you will get what you want” and ALL of us want more income and time freedom. Paying it forward is a way to help yourself while helping others.
Here’s how it works

There are 68 million people in America with slow to bad credit.  VIP Funding Solutions has the platform that can enhance or restore their credit enabling them to become credit partners and create passive monthly income.

Our Pay It Forward program uses money that has been pooled from prior credit partners to finance the credit enhancement service for future credit partners.  In other words…Each One Helps One.  A portion of funds acquired from each funded partner goes to helping new candidates enhance their credit scores so they too can become credit partners and this cycle of reciprocity continues funder to funder.

Helping You Live The American Dream

For too long Americans have been taught to use credit to create liabilities.  We then are forced to work today to pay down debt tomorrow.  It’s no wonder why two thirds of the population struggle with poor credit.  VIP Funding Solutions teaches to use your credit as a cash producing asset instead of creating liabilities that enslave you.

Our credit partners not only enjoy passive monthly income but also receive a world class education on how to create wealth utilizing their good credit.  Moreover those that don’t qualify for funding today may take advantage of our “Pay It Forward” program to get the credit enhancement they need to catapult their credit score enabling them to create wealth utilizing their newly bolstered credit score.

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Regardless of your credit score, we will help position you to become a credit partner so you can live the American Dream like so many that have come before you.

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